Powerful configurations for Mac

Over 50 cool Mac tweaks and extra utilities to supercharge your Mac experience

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Require macOS 11.0 or higher

Powerful configurations for Mac


Written in pure Swift and truly native to embrace the Mac experience. Built exclusively for Big Sur.

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Free to download with ready to use tweaks. Graceful trial for all Pro tweaks

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No analysis and no data collecting

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More tweaks to be implemented based on feedbacks

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Your Mac is packing in many secret tricks you probably didn’t even know existed. Becoming Mac power-user easily with Almighty


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Hide all applications

Minimize all application windows


Enable Dark Mode

Switch between dark and light mode


Open Screen Saver

Launch default Screen Saver


Keep Mac Awake

Prevent computer from idle sleeping


Clear clipboard

Clear contents on system clipboard


Schedule shutdown

Set a timer to shutdown, restart or sleep


Lock keyboard

Obscure keyboard input


Visualize key strokes

Visualize on screen key press


Visualize cursor

Highlight mouse pointer


Black out

Turn the screen black


Plain text

Convert copied text to plain text


Auto plain text

Automatically convert copied text to plain text

Status Menu


Hide menu bar items

Declutter status icons in the system menu bar

Flash time separator

Flash the clock time colon separator every second



Insert Spacer

Add a Spacer to the apps side of the Dock


Show only active apps

Show running applications only


Use suck minimize effect

Halfway between genie and scale effect


Highlight hidden apps

Show hidden app icon as semi-transparent


Use scroll gesture

Allow upward scrolling gesture to open window stack


Enable single app mode

Show one application at a time


Keep Dock Position

Reposition Dock back to primary display



Show project build time

Show build time duration in Xcode activity viewer


Disable reopening last project

Prevent Xcode from automatically restoring the last open project


Enable build debugging

Capture debugging trace


Disable file structure sync

Disable automatically organizing files on disk


Disable state restoration

Prevent Xcode from reopening files on launch


Disable Main thread checker

Prevent Xcode from checking invalid UI usage on background thread


Enable Internal Debug Menu

Xcode has a secret Internal menu to debug things


Disable indexing

Prevent Xcode from indexing projects


Connect ViewModel View in Assistant

Enable ViewModel and View counterpart suffixes


Enable activity logs

Show additional diagnostic info in the build log


Show prebuild logs

Show logs for prebuilding projects



Show hidden files

Show or hide hidden files in Finder


Show file full path

Display full file path in Finder title bar


Show file extension

Show all file extensions in Finder


Add Quit option

Add a Quit option to Finder menu



Show Desktop icons

Show or hide icons on Desktop


Create custom tweak with command line scripting and AppleScript

Menu bar and Settings

Group your favorite tweaks into Workflow and conveniently access them via status menu

Menu bar

Adaptive grid

Automatic resizing grid with adaptive layout.


Organize and run all tweaks in a workflow


Search and filter tweaks by applications and name

Dark mode

Gorgeous light and dark mode themes.


Launch at login

Almighty is with you anytime

Keyboard shortcuts

Assign quick shortcuts to any tweak

What people say about Almighty

Love the idea

I can create my own custom scriping with keyboard shortcuts and it is a true productivity boost



Over 50 cool Mac tweaks and extra utilities to supercharge your Mac experience

DownloadBuy Now!

Require macOS 11.0 or higher

Cheaper but less tweaks than standalone version

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