• How to test push notifications in simulator and production apps - iOSDevWeeky 478

Implementing push notifications has become significantly more complex since Apple first introduced them. Khoa Pham goes over the new HTTP/2 API, authentication, how to receive notifications, and how to test everything. He also talks about his app built for exactly that purpose, Push Hero.

I’m excited to launch @wwdctogether as a free place to watch and hangout during WWDC. We can now view upcoming and previous sessions via modern playback, with a chatroom for each session. Hope this provides a similar WWDC vibe during this hard time ❤️🔥

Resultatet finner du på WWDCtogether.com; Khoa Pham har laget en nettside som lar deg se på WWDC-presentasjonene sammen med andre.

But what about watching the conference itself? Watch together with other members of the community at WWDC Together, or the WWDC Watch Party.

If you used to watch the keynote with many other people at some local community events, things that aren’t possible this year in most places, fear not, the community has stepped up and there are already a lot of alternatives, such as WWDC Watch Party/ and WWDC Together.

One area that absolutely flourished this year was community organization. Sites like https://wwdcwatch.party and https://wwdctogether.com took a huge amount of work to organize, but meant that people had the chance to have some interaction – had the chance to actually chat about WWDC and share their excitement. I’m really grateful to Michie, Khoa, and other community organizers for making this happen.

Continually impressed by useful code libraries @onmyway133 creates. You should pay attention to https://github.com/onmyway133 if not already.

ps. we are hiring, you should apply :)

This new BDD testing framework from Khoa Pham is implemented with Swift 5.1 function builders and uses XCTest assertions. It supports all of the features you’d expect in a BDD framework, so take a look!

There’s conference talks, meetup talks, and presentations of all kinds covering iOS development here. List talks by year, by conference or just search for something specific.

This site, put together by Khoa Pham isn’t new, but it’s a complete re-design and it’s much faster and nicer to use than the old version. 👍

Khoa Pham with a new SVG parsing and rendering library based on CALayers. It supports reading SVGs from a file of course, but you can also create individual elements and combine those as well. Because it’s all just layers at the end, you can animate and do everything else that a layer can do as well.

Let’s finish this week’s code links with a fun one from Khoa Pham. Create hand-drawn representations of geometric shapes and paths. Everything is rendered as a CALayer too which is handy.

Build utilities, written in pure Swift (not that that really matters for build utilities) from Khoa Pham. Obviously it’s not as comprehensive as something like fastlane, but this does look promising.

An interesting take on folder architecture in React Native, and a cool trick to safely manage static resources in your project. Well written, and a good read overall!