Issue #1

I’ve used Wordpress, then moved to GitHub Pages with Jekyll, Octopress, Hexo, Hugo. You can view my page here It was good with all the custom themes and Disqus

But then I was a bit lazy with all the commands generate, commit, deploy, it hinders me from writing, so I moved to Medium.

The only thing I like about Medium is its discovery, your posts have high chanced of finding and viewing by people. What’s the point of writing if no one read it? But then I miss all the awesome markdown features of GitHub Pages. Medium is easy to use, but it seems it’s not for hackers, and I find it really uncomfortable when adding code block and headings. Medium also lists my comments as stories, which is kind of 😲

I like to write fast, and with good comments system, and I love Markdown.

I like GitHub. I use GitHub for my notes, so I think I will use it for my blog as well. Hope all these GitHub convenience will encourage me to write more often. This will, of course, be less discoverable by people. So if you by any chance visit this blog, ohayou from me 👋