Issue #484

Use SwiftMonkey which adds random UITests gestures

Add to UITests target

target 'MyAppUITests' do
  pod 'R.swift', '~> 5.0'
  pod 'SwiftMonkey', '~> 2.1.0'


Failed to determine hittability of Button

Failed to determine hittability of Button: Unable to fetch parameterized attribute XC_kAXXCParameterizedAttributeConvertHostedViewPositionFromContext, remote interface does not have this capability.

This happens when using SwiftMonkey and somewhere in our code uses isHittable, so best to avoid that by having isolated monkey test only

import XCTest
import SwiftMonkey

class MonkeyTests: XCTestCase {
    var app: XCUIApplication!

    override func setUp() {
        continueAfterFailure = false
        app = XCUIApplication()

    func testMonkey() {
        let monkey = Monkey(frame: app.frame)
        monkey.addXCTestTapAlertAction(interval: 100, application: app)

Another workaround is possibly use addDefaultXCTestPublicActions other than addDefaultUIAutomationActions

UI Test Activity:

Assertion Failure: MonkeyXCTest.swift:33: Failed to get matching snapshots: Timed out while evaluating UI query.

This seems related to SwiftMonkey trying to snapshot. Workaround is to remove

monkey.addXCTestTapAlertAction(interval: 100, application: app)