Issue #145

This is my story through dealing with many dependencies when trying to package an electron app. Thanks to my friend for helping me out ❤️ This is like a note for my future self

Fixing event

The other I got an issue that reports there’s something wrong with production environment. The problem is that I used RadioButton and its onChange callback takes 2 parameters instead of 1.

Trying packaging

After the fix, I bump version in package.json and run yarn release. To my surprise, the built app was just blank. I tried win.toggleDevTools() to see what’s going on. I can’t use shortcut to open the dev tool any more in production, but there are tools

The console says that it can’t find the module ‘react’. I then submitted an issue

Uncaught Error: Cannot find module ‘react’

My environment

  • Node v8.4.0
  • npm 5.3.0
  • yarn 1.3.2
  • macOS 10.13.2

Inspecting with debug mode

I then need to run in debug mode to see what’s really happening

DEBUG=electron-packager npm run release

The log says something about npm

Command failed: npm prune –production

Digging a little, I found that this is quite a common issue

I think the issue may be because of I changed from to

Updating nodenv

The latest stable version of is 8.9.4. To enable nodenv to see it, we need

brew upgrade node-build

Run the following so that you actually see the 8.9.4

nodenv install --list

Updating node.js

Install version 8.9.4

nodenv install 8.9.4
nodenv global 8.9.4
nodenv rehash

Updating npm

Run the following to update npm to 5.6.0

npm update -g np

Installing dependencies from scratch

Clear old node_modules and package-lock.json

rm -rf node_modules
rm -rf package-lock.json

Then install again

npm install


The final step is to package the app again

yarn release