Issue #740

How to gain product ideas?

  1. Scratch your own itch. If you don’t have any itch to scratch, stop here. This is awkward. Go travelling. Go exploring the world. The world always has problems and needs solution. Image

  2. Build any service, app or website. Along the way you’ll find tons of things you need that and unsolved by existing solutions, and tons of things you can improve upon.

  3. Sign up for some paid newsletters to find ideas. This is the worst. This is like someone browsing through a tatoo catalog. You’re doing things for trend, for money, not for your self drive 👎

  4. Most product ideas are not that hard, and require little tech skill. There are simple things that many people struggle or can’t do or learn by themselves. They need your help.

  5. Read enough to build the mindset. You don’t need to listen to all podcasts, read all the books, attend all the courses to get started. You’re just procrastinating.

  6. The only constant is “change”. The best time is now.

  7. Does it matter if what you’re about to make has been done by someone else?

Probably not. You’re the master of your own itch, you know how to solve it your way. Every solution is unique and will be developed in different directions

  1. Idea is veryvery cheap. If someone sherlock your idea, execute it better, provider better customer support, understand the domain better. Isn’t it fair to say they deserve better success than you?

  2. Is this idea worth executing?

If you ask me, my answer will be NO. Those who are super passionate about their idea will just ignore my advice and do it anyway.

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