Issue #718

Use NSSharingService.sharingServices(forItems:) with an array of one empty string gives a list of sharing items. There we show image and title of each menu item.

We should cache sharing items as that can cause performance issue

import SwiftUI
import AppKit
import EasySwiftUI

extension NSSharingService {
    private static let items = NSSharingService.sharingServices(forItems: [""])
    static func submenu(text: String) -> some View {
        return Menu(
            content: {
                ForEach(items, id: \.title) { item in
                    Button(action: { item.perform(withItems: [string]) }) {
                        Image(nsImage: item.image)
            label: {
                Image(systemName: SFSymbol.squareAndArrowUp.rawValue)

Alternative, you can trigger NSSharingServicePicker from a button, it shows a context menu with sharing options

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