Issue #847

We should use Dynamic Font Type as much as possible, as per Typography guide and

But in case we have to use a specific font, we can scale it with UIFontMetrics

import SwiftUI
import UIKit

extension Font {
    static func system(
        scaledSize size: CGFloat,
        weight: Font.Weight = .regular,
        design: Font.Design = .default
    ) -> Font {
            size: UIFontMetrics.default.scaledValue(for: size),
            weight: weight,
            design: design

Then instead of

Text("Hello World")
    .font(.system(size: 16))

we can use a scaled version

Text("Hello World")
    .font(.system(scaledSize: 16))

For dynamically updating, we can use a ViewModifier that listens to sizeCategory

struct ScaledFont: ViewModifier {
    @Environment(\.sizeCategory) var sizeCategory
    var size: CGFloat

    func body(content: Content) -> some View {
        let scaledSize = UIFontMetrics.default.scaledValue(for: size)
        return content
            .font(.system(size: scaledSize))

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