Issue #342


Install electron as dev npm install electron --save-dev Update electron-packager npm install electron-packager@latest --save-dev Use no space in app name

Package with electron-packager


npx electron-packager . "MyApp" --app-bundle-id=com.onmyway133.MyApp --helper-bundle-id=com.onmyway133.MyApp.helper --app-version=1.4.0 --build-version=1.0.100 --platform=mas --arch=x64 --icon=Icon/Icon.icns --overwrite
npx electron-osx-sign "MyApp-mas-x64/" --verbose
npx electron-osx-flat "MyApp-mas-x64/" --verbose

If you have multiple developer identities in your keychain:

electron-osx-sign searches your keychain for the first signing certificates that it can locate. If you have multiple certificates then it may not know which cert you want to use for signing and you need to explicitly provide the name:

electron-osx-sign "My App-mas-x64/My" --identity="3rd Party Mac Developer Application: My Company, Inc (ABCDEFG1234)" --verbose

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Sign with electron-osx-sign


For distribution in the Mac App Store: Have the provisioning profile for distribution placed in the current working directory and the signing identity installed in the default keychain.


On, create Mac App Distribution certificate. Make sure when we download in Keychain Access, it has associated private key

Manually upload

/Applications/\ -m upload  -assetFile MyApp/MyApp.pkg  -u -p mypassword

Use Application Loader

Use Using app-specific passwords


electron Bad CFBundleExecutable. Cannot find executable file

ERROR ITMS-90261: “Bad CFBundleExecutable. Cannot find executable file that matches the value of CFBundleExecutable in the nested bundle MyApp [com.onmyway133.MyApp.pkg/Payload/ (GPU).app] property list file.”

Try electron 5.0.0 npm install electron@5.0.0 --save-dev

Specifically, we found that when the user closes the main application window there is no menu item to re-open it.

function createMenu() {
  const application = {
    label: "MyApp",
    submenu: [
        label: "New",
        accelerator: "Command+N",
        click: () => {
          if (win === null) {

’electron-osx-flat@latest’ is not in the npm registry

npm install -g electron-osx-sign@latest

App sandbox not enabled

electron-osx-sign Command failed: codesign

ran xattr -cr *

Command failed: codesign bundle format is ambiguous

Perhaps you accidentally packaged the previous generated app bundle into your newly packaged app?

Remove dist folder generated by electron-builder