Issue #453

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A type-erased hashable value.

DiscussionThe AnyHashable type forwards equality comparisons and hashing operations to an underlying hashable value, hiding its specific underlying type.You can store mixed-type keys in dictionaries and other collections that require Hashable conformance by wrapping mixed-type keys in AnyHashable instances

let descriptions: [AnyHashable: Any] = [
    AnyHashable("😄"): "emoji",
    AnyHashable(42): "an Int",
    AnyHashable(Int8(43)): "an Int8",
    AnyHashable(Set(["a", "b"])): "a set of strings"
print(descriptions[AnyHashable(42)]!)      // prints "an Int"
print(descriptions[AnyHashable(43)])       // prints "nil"
print(descriptions[AnyHashable(Int8(43))]!) // prints "an Int8"
print(descriptions[AnyHashable(Set(["a", "b"]))]!) // prints "a set of strings"

We don’t necessarily need to map from [AnyHashable: Any] to [String: Any], we can just access via string key