Issue #827

I’m trying a simple Future and sink. As long as I have debounce, only receiveCompletion gets called, but not receiveValue

private var bag = Set<AnyCancellable>()

let future = Future<Int, Never> { promise in

.debounce(for: .seconds(0.5), scheduler: DispatchQueue.main)
    receiveCompletion: { 
         print($0) // Called
    receiveValue: { 
        print($0)  // Not called
.store(in: &bag)

Reading debounce

Publishes elements only after a specified time interval elapses between events. This operator is useful to process bursty or high-volume event streams where you need to reduce the number of values delivered to the downstream to a rate you specify.

In the example above, our Publisher only emits 1 single event, that’s why it does not work with debounce