Issue #924


  • Navigation state needs to be in the container of NavigationSplitView for changes to propagate
  • Need to use WindowGroup for navigation bar to work


the navigation split view coordinates with the List in its first column, so that when people make a selection, the detail view updates accordingly. Programmatic changes that you make to the selection property also affect both the list appearance and the presented detail view

The selection in the first column affects the second, and the selection in the second column affects the third


By default, a navigation stack manages state to keep track of the views on the stack

Reset NavigationStack when changing selection of NavigationSplitView

Even if no path parameter is provided to a NavigationStack, value-based navigation links will append to an implicit path tracked for you by the Navigation system. Where view-based navigation links will not. When selection changes in the sidebar, the navigation system pops value-based links off the stack.