Issue #456

From WWDC 2018 What’s New in User Notifications

Instead, the notifications from your app will automatically start getting delivered.

Notifications that are delivered with provisional authorization will have a prompt like this on the notification itself. And this will help the users decide after having received a few notifications whether they want to keep getting these notifications or whether they want to turn them off

It’s an automatic trial of the notifications from your app to help your users make a more informed decision about whether they want these notifications.

     options:[.badge, .sound, .alert, .provisional]) {  


Provisional Authorization takes advantage of another new feature in iOS 12: the ability for messages to be “delivered quietly.” When a notification is delivered quietly, it can only be seen in the iOS Notification Center, which the user accesses by swiping down from the top of their phone. They don’t appear as banners or show up on the lock screen. As you might have guessed, quiet notifications also don’t make a sound.

If a user taps the “Keep” button, they can decide whether they want your app’s notifications to start getting delivered prominently (i.e. fully opt-in to push notifications) or continue to receive them quietly (i.e. pushes continue to get sent directly to the Notification Center).

The intent of Provisional Authorization is to give users a trial run with your app’s notifications. Apple created Provisional Authorization because it realized that it’s impossible for users to make an informed choice about whether or not they want to receive push notifications from an app until they’ve seen what kinds of messages the app is going to send them.

Updated at 2020-11-11 02:04:01