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Below are my favorite WWDC videos. My focus is to use SwiftUI to make useful apps with great UX. I don’t pay much attention to new frameworks as they come and go, but the underlying reasons and design principles are worth remembering.


The SwiftUI cookbook for focus

Discussing some of the things that you can do with focus APIs in SwiftUI to cook up a really great user experience

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Explore SwiftUI animation

Explore SwiftUI’s powerful animation capabilities and find out how these features work together to produce impressive visual effects. Learn how SwiftUI refreshes the rendering of a view, determines what to animate, interpolates values over time, and propagates context for the current transaction.

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Beyond scroll views

Find out how you can take your scroll views to the next level with the latest APIs in SwiftUI. We’ll show you how to customize scroll views like never before. Explore the relationship between safe areas and a scroll view’s margins, learn how to interact with the content offset of a scroll view, and discover how you can add a bit of flair to your content with scroll transitions.

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Animate with springs

Discover how you can bring life to your app with animation! We’ll show you how to create amazing animations when you take advantage of springs and help you learn how to use them in your app.

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The craft of SwiftUI API design: Progressive disclosure

Explore progressive disclosure — one of SwiftUI’s core principles — and learn how it influences the design of our APIs. We’ll show you how we use progressive disclosure, discuss how it can support quick iteration and exploration, and help you take advantage of it in your own code

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Writing for interfaces

The words and phrases you choose for your app matter. Whether you’re writing an alert, building an onboarding experience, or describing an image for accessibility, learn how you can design through the lens of language and help people get the most from your app. We’ll show you how to create clear, conversational, and helpful writing and provide tips for applying these techniques to your work

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Demystify SwiftUI

Peek behind the curtain into the core tenets of SwiftUI philosophy: Identity, Lifetime, and Dependencies. Find out about common patterns, learn the principles that drive the framework, and discover how you can use them to guarantee correctness and performance for your app.

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Ultimate application performance survival guide

Performance optimization can seem like a daunting task — with many metrics to track and tools to use. Fear not: Our survival guide to app performance is here to help you understand tooling, metrics, and paradigms that can help smooth your development process and contribute to a great experience for people using your app.

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The practice of inclusive design

An inclusive app or game is not only usable by different people, but also welcomes people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Discover how you can design inclusive content for your interface, language, imagery, and marketing materials and support the broadest possible range of people with your app or game.

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Data Essentials in SwiftUI

Data is a complex part of any app, but SwiftUI makes it easy to ensure a smooth, data-driven experience from prototyping to production. Discover @State and @Binding, two powerful tools that can preserve and seamlessly update your Source of Truth. We’ll also show you how ObservableObject lets you connect your views to your data model. Learn about some tricky challenges and cool new ways to solve them — directly from the experts! To get the most out of this session, you should be familiar with SwiftUI. Watch “App essentials in SwiftUI” and “Introduction to SwiftUI”

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Write tests to fail

Plan for failure: Design great tests to help you find and diagnose even the toughest bugs. Learn how to improve your automated tests with XCTest to find hidden issues in even the best code. We’ll explain how to prepare your tests for failure to make triaging issues easier, letting you solve interface issues and deliver fixes quickly. To get the most out of this session, you should already be familiar with writing UI tests within the XCTest framework. For more on testing tools, head over to “The suite life of testing”.

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Modern Swift API Design

Every programming language has a set of conventions that people come to expect. Learn about the patterns that are common to Swift API design, with examples from new APIs like SwiftUI, Combine, and RealityKit. Whether you’re developing an app as part of a team, or you’re publishing a library for others to use, find out how to use new features of Swift to ensure clarity and correct use of your APIs

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Great Developer Habits

Successful app development requires mastering a lot of different things. Discover practices you can incorporate into your development workflow to enhance your productivity, and improve your app’s performance and stability. Learn how to improve the quality of code you write with Xcode. Gain a practical understanding of some valuable development techniques

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Designing Fluid Interfaces

Discover the techniques used to create the fluid gestural interface of iPhone X. Learn how to design with gestures and motion that feel intuitive and natural, making your app a delight to use.

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Testing Tips & Tricks

Testing is an essential tool to consistently verify your code works correctly, but often your code has dependencies that are out of your control. Discover techniques for making hard-to-test code testable on Apple platforms using XCTest. Learn a variety of tips for writing higher-quality tests that run fast and require less maintenance.

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