Issue #14

Some of my sayings that I like 😉


  • There are so many many many things to learn
  • The opportunities are endless
  • Everybody has access to the internet. Everybody has nearly the same chances. Your future is yours to decide
  • A dream is not a dream anymore when you don’t have time for it
  • Being single means free time. Being coupled means memorable time
  • You learn less with the happy path
  • I don’t like to be at the centre, nor being abandoned
  • Even sense of humour can be trained
  • Youth is your strength. Take advantage of it
  • Easy to please. Hard to impress
  • Don’t show me the evil sides of the world
  • Please don’t confuse peace vs boredom
  • What matters is your passion, not your ability
  • The ones that are likely to fail are the ones having the fewest friends. And the ones that have the fewest friends are the ones having the most boring life
  • Life is like a marathon. People run. Some are lucky enough to have support. Some are even luckier, they already crossed the finish line when they were born. Running, however, has its own fun
  • Life is predestined. But you can of course change it
  • Losers are easily the most hot tempered. It is the consequence, not the cause
  • What if there is no inheritance. Will that make everybody the same?
  • Some people become Norwegian when they were born. Others have to apply for the citizenship
  • Every deck has a chance to win, as long as you believe in the heart of the cards
  • Life is a game. People play on different difficulty levels. “But mine is much harder”, said everybody
  • What you don’t know is what you haven’t learned


  • I don’t know the key to success. But the key to failure is trying to please everybody ~ Bill Cosby