How to sign in with apple for web with firebase

Issue #668 Authenticate Using Apple with JavaScript Use Firebase JS SDK Configure Sign in with Apple for the web Go to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles -> Identifier create 2 ids: App ID and Service ID For example: I have App ID com.onmyway133.myapp and Service ID com.onmyway133.myweb Remember that to view App ID or Service ID, there鈥檚 dropdown menu on the right For App ID, enable...

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How to use firebase cloud functions

Issue #667 Use node 10 Edit package.json "engines": { "node": "10" }, Secret key Go to settings/serviceaccounts/adminsdk, download secret key in form of json and place it in lib/config.json const serviceAccount = require('./config.json') admin.initializeApp({ credential: admin.credential.cert(serviceAccount), databaseURL: "" }) Local serve This builds and spins up emulator to test npm run serve CORS response.set('Access-Control-Allow-Origin', '*'); var cors = require('cors'); // my function var helloFn = function helloFn(req, res) { res....

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How to use Firebase Crashlytics in macOS app

Issue #585 New Firebase Crashlytics Follow the new Firebase Crashlytics guide Get started with Firebase Crashlytics using the Firebase Crashlytics SDK CocoaPods Specify FirebaseCore for community managed macOS version of Firebase platform :osx, '10.13' target 'MyMacApp' do # Comment the next line if you don't want to use dynamic frameworks use_frameworks! pod 'FirebaseCore' pod 'Firebase/Crashlytics' end Signing and capabilities Under Hardware runtime, check Disable library validation Under App sandbox, enable Outgoing connections (Client)...

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How to use Firebase in macOS

Issue #501 Use Catalyst Add to CocoaPods platform :ios, '13.0' target 'MyApp' do use_frameworks! pod 'FirebaseCore' pod 'Firebase/Firestore' end Troubleshooting Select a team for gRPC-C++-gRPCCertificates-Cpp FIRAnalyticsConnector: building for Mac Catalyst, but linking in object file built for iOS Simulator The problem was related to the difference between Firebase/Core and FirebaseCore. The first is a subspec of the Firebase pod that depends on FirebaseAnalytics. The second is only the FirebaseCore pod....

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How to use Firebase RemoteConfig

Issue #493 Declare in Podfile pod 'Firebase/Core' pod 'Firebase/RemoteConfig' Use RemoteConfigHandler to encapsulate logic. We introduce Key with CaseIterable and defaultValue of type NSNumber to manage default values. import Firebase import FirebaseRemoteConfig final class RemoteConfigHandler { let remoteConfig: RemoteConfig enum Key: String, CaseIterable { case interval = "fetch_interval" var defaultValue: NSNumber { switch self { case .periodicGetSalons: return NSNumber(value: 300) } } } init() { self.remoteConfig = RemoteConfig.remoteConfig() let settings = RemoteConfigSettings() settings....

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How to use Firebase AutoML Vision Edge to classify images

Issue #490 Create project on Firebase and choose Vision Edge Vision Edge is part of MLKit, but for custom images training Model Avengers_dataset_2019114133437 is training and may take several hours. You will receive an email once training is complete.

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How to use Firebase SDK with Firestore for React Native

Issue #260 Original post At Firebase Dev Summit 2017, Google introduced Firestore as fully-managed NoSQL document database for mobile and web app development. Compared to Firebase Realtime Database, it has better querying and more structured data, together with ease manual fetching of data. The new structure of collection and document is probably the eye catching, this makes data more intuitive to users and query a breeze. From

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