Issue #683

I always find myself asking this question “What define a good developer?” I ’ve asked many people and the answers vary, they ’re all correct in certain aspects

Good programmer is someone who has a solid knowledge of the “how-to” both in theory and in practices. Understanding customer requirements clearly and having a vision to fulfill it through dedication and execution !

Good programmer is one who has in depth knowledge of one particular major and wide understanding of many thing else

Algorithm (actually this was my definition)

But I think I find the answer now, it is responsibility

The single most important trait of a professional programmer is personal responsibility. Professional programmers take responsibility for their career, their estimates, their schedule commitments, their mistakes, and their work- manship. A professional programmer does not pass that responsibility off on others.

  • If you are a professional, then you are responsible for your own career
  • Professionals take responsibility for the code they write
  • Professionals are team players
  • Professionals do not tolerate big bug lists
  • Professionals do not make a mess

In fact, if we want to be successful, we need to be responsible for our work and our life.


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