Quick Check (macOS)

Todo manager

Alias (macOS)

Shortcut manager

PastePal (macOS)

Pasteboard, note and shortcut manager

Foil (macOS)

Keyboard locker

Push Hero (macOS)

Test iOS push notifications

Key Fighter (macOS)

Easy to remember keyboard shortcut

Elegant Converter (macOS)

  • Mac app to convert audio and videos to many formats

Quick Access (macOS)

  • Quick access to favorite files, folders and apps

Where IP (macOS)

Monitor public ip

Frame Recorder (macOS)

  • Recorder app with device frame in gif and movie format

Hacker Pad (macOS)

  • Scratch pad for hackers

Almighty (macOS)

  • Powerful configurations for macOS

Video Downloader (macOS)

  • Download video from many sources and save as mp3

Icon Generator (macOS)

  • Generate app icons for iOS, macOS and support Icns format

Push Notifications (macOS)

  • Test push notifications for iOS asd Android apps


Dev News (watchOS)

  • Dev news top stories for watch

Quick Math (watchOS)

  • Quick math expression solver for watch


Ease (iOS)

  • Relax with gentle sound

What Is This (iOS)

  • Reverse Image Search

Web archive

  • Personal blog
abc archive

  • Question and answers board
gn archive

  • Awesome tech articles curation