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It’s good to be software engineers, when you get paid to do what you like best. The good thing about software development is it ‘s changing fast, and challenging. This is also the not good thing, when you need to continuously learn and adapt to keep up with the trends.

This is for those who have been iOS developers for some time. If you have a lot of free time to spend, then congratulations. If you do not, you know the luxury of free time, then it’s time to learn wisely, by selecting only the good resources. But where should I learn from?

Welcome to the technology age, where there are tons to things to keep track of, iOS releases, SDK, 3rd frameworks, build tools, patterns, … Here are my list that I tend to open very often. It is opinionated and date aware. If it was several years ago, then, should be in the top of the list.

I like to keep track of stuff, via my lists,, Also you should use services like to organise your subscription feed.

The point of this is for continuous learning, so it should be succinct. There is no particular order.

1. Raywenderlich

Ray Wenderlich | High quality programming tutorials: iOS, Android, Swift, Kotlin, Unity, and more *Password Autofill allows our apps to automatically populate the username and password and believe it or not, it only…*

This is probably one of the most visited site for learning iOS development. All the tutorials are well designed and easy to follow. If you can, you can subscribe to videos I myself find watching video much more relaxing. And the team is reviving its Podcast which I really recommend

2. Swift Talk

Swift Talk · *We use the child view controller we created last time to factor out more code from the large view controller.*

The people behind started their swift talks last year. I’m a fan of clean code, so these talks are really helpful when they show how to organise and write code. Also, they have awesome guests from some companies too.

3. NSScreencast

If you have less time, then this is great option. These covers many aspects of the iOS SDKs, and the videos are weekly. NSScreencast: Bite-sized Screencasts for iOS Development *Quality videos on iOS development, released each week.*

4. Swift By Sundell

I actually learn a lot from reading John ‘s blog. He shows various tips on iOS programming and the Swift language. Also his podcast is a must subscribe I’ve listened to many podcasts, but I like this best. All posts *Like many abstractions and patterns in programming, the goal of the builder pattern is to reduce the need to keep…*

5. AppCoda

I like this because the content is short, and focused. I can easily follow and grasp the gist immediately. And it has large collection of various contents. AppCoda - Learn Swift & iOS Programming by Doing *AppCoda is an educational startup that focuses on teaching people how to learn Swift & iOS programming blog. Our…*

6. Use Your Loaf

This has updated posts for every new SDK features. Also, the content is short and to the points. It’s like wikipedia for iOS development. Use Your Loaf *If you are upgrading to Xcode 10 and migrating to Swift 4.2 you are likely to see a number of errors because Swift 4.2…*

7. iOS Goodies

The number of newsletters now is like stars on the sky. Among them I like iOS Goodies the best. It is driven by community and contains lots of new awesome stuff each week. iOS Goodies weekly iOS newsletter curated by Marius Constantinescu logo by José Torre founded by Rui Peres and Tiago

8. Erica Sadun

This is a bit advanced where it discusses Swift languages. But it’s good to read if you want to get yourself to know more about hidden language features. Erica Sadun *Recently, some of my simulators launched and loaded just fine. Others simply went black. It didn’t seem to matter which…*

9. Swifting

I just discovered this recently, but I kinda like the blog. The number of posts are growing, and those are good reads about iOS SDKs. *Our dear friend and a founder of - Michał, had an accident two months ago. He had a bad luck and got hit by…*

10. Khanlou

I learn many good patterns and clean code from reading this blog. He suggests many ideas on refactoring code. Really recommend. Khanlou *To convert this into an infinite collection, we need to think about a few things. First, how will we represent an index…*

11. Ole Begemann

This has been in my favorite list for a long time. Although this is a bit advanced, it is good to dive deep into Swift. Articles - Ole Begemann Edit

12. Krzysztof Zabłocki

This is my favorite, too. This shows many practical advices for iOS development. He also talks about build tool that I really like. Posts *Have you ever written tests? Usually, they use equality asserts, e.g. XCTAssertEqual, what happens if the object isn’t…*

13. Realm News

Realm collects a huge collection of iOS videos from conferences and meet ups, and it has transcripts too. It’s more than enough to fill your free time. Realm Academy - Expert content from the mobile experts *Developer videos, articles and tutorials from top conferences, top authors, and community leaders.*

14. Big Nerd Ranch

This has posts in both iOS and Android. But I really like the contents, very good. App Development and Design Blog | Big Nerd Ranch *Our blog offers app development and design tutorials, tips and tricks for software engineering and insights for team…*

15. Cocoa with Love

This is very advanced, and suitable for hardcore fans. I feel small when reading the posts. Cocoa with Love *The upcoming CwlViews library offers a syntax for constructing views that has a profound effect on the Cocoa…*

16. Atomic Spin

I really enjoy reading blog posts from Atomic Object. There are posts for many platforms, and about life, so you need to filter for iOS development. Atomic Spin *More and more studies have shown that the most effective teams are the ones whose members trust each other and feel…*

17. Raizlabs

This has very good articles about iOS. Highly recommend. React Native Animations: Part 2 - RaizException - Raizlabs Developer Blog *When we build apps for our clients, beautiful designs and interactions are important. But equally important is…*

18. Invasive Code

This has topics for many iOS features. All the contents are good and succinct. iOS Development - Computer Vision iOS Apps Computer Vision iOS

19. Think and Build

I like posts about animation and replicating app features. This has all of them.

20. Little Bites of Cocoa

This has a series of small tips, on how to use iOS SDKs and other 3rd frameworks. Good to know. Little Bites of Cocoa - Tips and techniques for iOS and Mac development - Weekday mornings at 9:42… *Tips and techniques for iOS and Mac development - Weekday mornings at 9:42 AM. The goal of each of these ‘bites’ is to…*

21. Samwize ()

All the posts are good, short and to the points. Really like this. @samwize ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I think that’s enough. Feel free to share and suggest other awesome blogs that I might miss. Also, it’s good to contribute back to community by writing your blog posts. You will learn a lot by sharing.